Apologies to William Henry Davies

What is this life, if full of care?
No time for stand-up gigs out there.
No time to face the gathered crowd,
to spin a line, hear laughs out loud.
No time to posture, full of sass,
to be the Jester and the ass.
No time to boldly face the fright –
then somehow smash it on the night.
No time to artfully take a chance
to improvise, to glance askance.
No time to see how others can
add to the laughter you began.
A poor life this if full of care
We have no time to gig out there


Consulting Practical Gelotologist

Just had to write a piece for an umbrella organisation about what it is I mean bring to the table. I’m blogging it here so I can find it again:

Ian refers to himself as a “Practical Consulting Gelotologist” bringing, as he does, a number of skills and approaches together relating to laughter. He is a Stand-up Comedian, a Laughter Yoga teacher, and a popular speaker and workshop leader exploring, laughter, happiness and well-being.
The benefits of laughter have been well researched over the last few years. It brings mental and physical health benefits, it creates and reinforces community and belonging, it boosts creativity and the immune system, it also acts as natural pain relief, oh and it improves sleep. 
Ian can run laughter sessions, Stand-Up Comedy and speaking workshops, as well as tailored input and sessions around laughter, well-being, happiness and spirituality  

What sort of gig is it?

Love this field guide to gig types from Ashley Frieze. Spot on
Depressing and funny in equal measure …

“For us comedians, getting gigs is become ever-more competitive, as we fight to get bookings with fees that haven’t increased in the last ten years.

What has exploded is the number of different types of gig available. Where once it used to be simple, here’s a handy guide to the sorts of gigs comedians might be asked to do these days.

Paid: The rarest sort. A comedian goes to a venue, attempts to make people laugh and gets a fee for doing so.

Expenses: A comedian drives a few hundred miles to a gig at enormous expense, is stared at by an ambivalent audience and sent home with £10 which they spend at the nearest motorway services on something that used to be pastry”

and so on, complete article here

Next Ethos Comedy in Newbury. Nov 9th

A fellow Comedy Promoter asked me incredulously, “How are you affording that line up for the next Ethos?”
EEk, that’s a good question. Gotta sell ALL of the tickets I guess. I’m a way  bigger lover of good comedy than a level-headed business man I think. Still, the fact that I am excited about seeing this line up is good eh?

Ethos 4 publicity picture file

Gigs for the Autumn

I’ve been encouraged by a number of bookings for the Autumn. I’ve also chased a few unpaid slots to play ant to experiment. This is how it is looking so far …

Sep 7th: ACE SPACE, Newbury
Sep 8th: Jericho Comedy, Oxford
Sept 15th: Hereford, Cafe at All Saints
Sep 29th: Comedy at a Harvest Supper, Oxon
Oct 5th: ACE SPACE, Newbury
Oct 11th: Monkey Business, Hampstead
Oct 12th: After dinner, Flackwell Heath
Nov 2nd: ACE SPACE, Newbury
Nov 9th: Ethos Comedy, Newbury
Dec 1st: Fund Raiser, Great Shefford