Next Ethos Comedy in Newbury. Nov 9th

A fellow Comedy Promoter asked me incredulously, “How are you affording that line up for the next Ethos?”
EEk, that’s a good question. Gotta sell ALL of the tickets I guess. I’m a way  bigger lover of good comedy than a level-headed business man I think. Still, the fact that I am excited about seeing this line up is good eh?

Ethos 4 publicity picture file


Comedy: Performance and Production

Met someone at Greenbelt who is about to head off to Winchester to study Comedy.
I never realized somewhere that local to me was offering this. This looks like a lot of fun … and some great learning. Not sure I would have had the guts to do this at 18 though.

Comedy: Performance and Production

Gigs for the Autumn

I’ve been encouraged by a number of bookings for the Autumn. I’ve also chased a few unpaid slots to play ant to experiment. This is how it is looking so far …

Sep 7th: ACE SPACE, Newbury
Sep 8th: Jericho Comedy, Oxford
Sept 15th: Hereford, Cafe at All Saints
Sep 29th: Comedy at a Harvest Supper, Oxon
Oct 5th: ACE SPACE, Newbury
Oct 11th: Monkey Business, Hampstead
Oct 12th: After dinner, Flackwell Heath
Nov 2nd: ACE SPACE, Newbury
Nov 9th: Ethos Comedy, Newbury
Dec 1st: Fund Raiser, Great Shefford

Festival fun

I had such a lovely time delivering a playful 30 minute set in one of the side venues at the festival. There was a lovely vibe in which to weave some comedy, a dream audience that created the waves on which comedy could surf. I loved it.

The 20 minute set though in the main auditorium became a devolving (a downward evolution) nightmare. The time slippage was so great that they were sweating on their Midnight curfew. AS the time went on I was adjusting the set down through a 15, then a 10 as I worked out that there were three of us to go on after the musical act (who were BRILLIANT). The MC was lovely but not a comedy MC. With a sense of panic (given the time) he didn’t give the audience time to change pace, or even for those who now wanted to leave …. to leave. He instead ran up on stage and said, “Please welcome the comedian, Ian Macdonald!”
I came on stage to a lot of people leaving, and a feeling from the audience remaining that they were more or less done now. Given that we we were being paid and that I needed to leave time for my fellow comics to perform (so that there was no query over paying us). I had less than 9 minutes. Aaaarrghghghg
I did some stuff to acknowledge the people leaving and to get some interaction with those remaining but felt so much on the back foot. I got some laughs but couldn’t get the buy in from the audience.

It took me about a week to get over.
Some you win, some you REALLY don’t

Thirty Minute set

I have a thirty minute set to deliver at a festival tomorrow (followed by a 20 minute set at a different venue elsewhere on the site).

I’m loving the opportunity to do a 30 which does not happen very often, as well as challenged as to how best structure an arc of material, and create space for some more playful interaction. All the more challenging when I do not know whether the venues will be comedy-friendly or a weird standing space only with audience members wandering in and out (and while I’m creating Nightmare scenarios in my mind, all with noise bleed from bands playing nearby).

Really looking forward to it.

A protocol dilemma though?

I am booked to do a 30 minute from 10:30 til 11pm at one venue then a ’20’ at a venue 5 minutes away at 11.15. The dilemma is that if venue 1 is running late do I do the 30 but be late for venue 2, or do I shorten the set to be on time for venue 2.

I’m overthinking again *laughing*

Unpaid open spots

Great article from Richard Jay on unpaid open slots on nights where there are paying customers. Nicely written, raising some good questions.
Richard Jay comedian

” I don’t disapprove of unpaid comedy sets at free comedy nights. But it increasingly depresses me to do, or see, unpaid spots at paid entry nights, without even a nod towards expenses”